Friday 3 July 2015


There are some moments in life that set your heart racing no matter how much time has passed or how many new memories you have created! Yes... That's something you cherish forever... Which doesnt fade away with time...which makes you go breathless..

I still remember that day of September...I was insecure..feeling lost! And you texted. Hey! And I realised I have you no matter what happens! The conversation grew..infact flourished... And you popped the question... I was confused! I couldn't decide! N I took a decision to wait! And the days that followed..the so called chase! And you did everything possible with all good intentions! And then it was raining heavily that day...I was too bored to walk home from college & I called you up to pick me.. You said all the sweet things and that moment was perfect... Rain n slow music and everything! And you stopped the car! I was scared! Scared to hell! And u popped the question again! I saw it in your eyes! I saw your love! Your respect! And I said a yes! You kissed me on my forehead even when you could have done anything and everything! You were really happy as I was the only thing to do on your list! The very next day you got me a ring! You made me realize it was the best decision of my life.I was overwhelmed.... Amazed...emotional...breathless!
.... Today even 10 months later you kiss on my forehead when we say you love me and you mean it! You take care of me in best way possible! You still do your best to win my heart and it still has me BREATHLESS!!!

Hold her in your arms
Kiss her on her cheek
Hold her in your heart
Support her when she is weak

Hold her in her sorrow
Hold her in her might
Make her feel loved
Leave her BREATHLESS tonight!

------ Laxmi Krishnan

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